2011-03-03 11:56 pm

The artist formerly known as...

Yeah, I have a couple of different fanfic IDs, one for live-action/video game fics, and one for anime/manga fics. After the Great Computer Disaster of '10 (six years of writing, gone AND one of my favorite anime DVDs...), I decided I needed a back-up of the back-up, just in case these things really do happen in threes.

So I'm in the process of importing my various fics. Once upon a time, it seemed very important that I keep my anime/manga author-ID separate from my TV/Film/book fic-ID. Nowadays, all that I'm interested in keeping separate are my original-fic/art and non-fic writing IDs. But if I show up on your page and you don't recognize my ID, feel free to contact me, and I'll be glad to point you to my older Internet haunts.